Confirmed: Nintendo Power review score of The Conduit

The first review of The Conduit is officially in. Numerous pictures of the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power prove that this score is the real deal.

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morganfell4065d ago

"Best, pure first person shooter on the Wii"

Of course they fail to realize that actually isn't saying much.

Pandemic4065d ago

Wait, what did Nintendo Power give this game out of 10?

Menchi4065d ago

They gave it an 8. Cited a number of flaws however, and the review sounded more like a 6~7.5

Maxned4065d ago

8 out of 10? Thats a good score. It isnt a flop, and if you say it is, then that is plain stupid. At least it wasnt like Haze, Lair or Too Human.

CobraKai4065d ago

I was expecting this kind of score. There is nothing in the gameplay and art design that makes it really stand out. At least they polished the game so that it was still a fun romp, unlike Red Steel.

Timesplitter144065d ago

Has anyone really been far even as decided to do look more like?

morganfell4065d ago

^^^^Kids, remember. Drugs can be bad for you.

Buttons4065d ago

Wasn't really expecting too much from High Voltage, honestly. They haven't done much worthy of awesomeness. Interestingly, I live in the same town where they're located in (Hoffman Estates, IL)

ChickeyCantor4065d ago

Buttons, they have been living of on other licenses.
An 8 for their inhouse IP can't be considered bad at all.

Buttons4065d ago

No, it isn't, you're right. The way the summary was worded made it look worse than the 8 it was given

N4g_null4065d ago

Nintendo power does not give out high scores like most gaming mags. Also the guys over at NP are not really into FPS are they?

Seriously if you have a blog you should go to E3 and play it your self.

Avenged Sevenfold4065d ago

Hoffman Estates?? I live in Schaumburg and go to Conant Highschool. =P. Small world.

Buttons4065d ago

Haha, cool. I go to Hoffman (And I know our football team sucks)

BWS19824064d ago

I went to school in Schaumburg at the Art Institute where some of the HV guys went too (though they graduated a few years before me)....

I think to look at the attempt made (whether the game is "amazing" or not) is noteworthy, simply because of the game's target console. At least they didn't succumb to making more shovelware and garbage for the Wii. They are/were trying to push graphics and an engine on a system that has been condemned to virtually purely, casual gaming and one of the least hardcore systems Nintendo has ever put out. The system needs a void filled, why should we hope that void remains?

I say whether the game is a real 8 or not, props for defying the stereotype to the best they could. Better than watching the Wii's hardcore gaming hopes wither and die, maybe this will push other devs somehow...It'll be interesting to see a broad spectrum of scores for this within the coming weeks, or better yet, to try the game myself one day (don't have a Wii though).

Tiberium4059d ago

So I guess MP3 is still the best fps on the wii (it got a 10 from NP). *sigh*

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knox4065d ago

ill admit im surprised. really thought the review was a fake :\

oh well, maybe the sequel will be better.

Uncle Rico4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Valay reported GoNintendo today (saying it was a fake) for a similar post...because it was unconfirmed whether the mag shot was real or not. Now that it turns out to be real, NintendoEverything gets all the praise...pretty interesting.

knox4065d ago

thats actually a dumb comment there's been like 2 or 3 fake reviews of the conduit already so is it that surprising?

at least now we finally have a real, "confirmed" nintendo power review. i'm glad that this game is coming out already so that people can stop complaining about this game in all types of ways.

Uncle Rico4065d ago

They had the same picture has Nintendo Everything...

you were saying my comment is dumb?

swiftshot934065d ago

And after all that hype sheesh.

Looks like Metroid Prime 3 is the best first person game on the wii

SinnedNogara4065d ago

What is so bad about a 8? It is still a good score, and beats most other Wii FPS games out there (most, not all). I am still buying it.

Just remember that IGN, X-Play, GT, GameSpot, GameInformer, Destructoid, etc still have to review the game. Who knows??

Still awesome, and this leaves room for a sequel.

KeenanTheSavage4065d ago

An 8 really isn't a bad score, it's actually pretty high. I personally think that Metroid Prime 3 will be better, but I guess I'll just have to judge when I pick it up.

Nikuma4065d ago

Man I kind of feel bad for all the Wii only owners out there. I'm sure this game is pretty decent, but doesn't hold a candle to FPS on the other 2 consoles. I really hope E3 has something nice in store for the hardcore gamers on the Wii. As of now I'll only dust off my Wii to play MH3...but I'm not even sure if I'll do that. :/

bigjclassic4065d ago

We still get gems like NMH, Madworld, TvC etc. While the HD consoles get FPS after FPS or TPS after TPS. The Wii has more fighting games and better platformers/adventure games than the HD consoles so it evens out.

I actually own 13 consoles and the Wii and DC, get more playtime than the PS3. KZ2 and SFIV are the only reasons I touch PS3.

N4g_null4065d ago

The other consoles don't hold a candle to the tech above them either, I mean what is your point? Yet this game does have what we wanted great controls and more polish. I think this was a good effort by HVS. It will only get better.