Why 2009 Will Be The Year Of The Xbox 360 (Chapter Seven: The Massacre)

Master Samo writes: "The reason to be revealed in this chapter is known as The Massacre. Microsoft is about to reveal two courses of action that will result in a devastating blow to both Sony and Nintendo, simultaneously."

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Master Samo3437d ago

To all the readers, I thank you in advance for reading this article. I would like to present to you some of the Bits Of Information (BOI) that I was not able to include in this article. They are as follow:

BOI 1 ) Namco: was the industry’s first manufacturer to develop and release a multi-player, multi-cabinet competitive game, Final Lap, in 1987. This game allowed up to 8 players to compete when four 2-player cabinets were linked in a simple network.

BOI 2 ) Hideo Kojima: the first game he worked on was Penguin Adventure, a sequel to the game Antarctic Adventure, in 1986, as an assistant director!

BOI 3 ) Hideo Kojima: the first game he actually developed was Lost Warld, a platform game starring a masked female wrestler, in 1986. However, the game was ultimately rejected by Kojima’s superiors at Konami!

BOI 4 ) Hideo Kojima: his first released game was in 1987. It was called Metal Gear!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Information provided

God Bless You All

Master Samo

KionicWarlord2223437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I dont think 3dv will come this year. Didnt ms say there not doing that this year?


A price drop for xbox live would be interesting. If it happen i wonder if some added features would come on xbl. Like a "pick your plan".


Master samo i understand your opinion for xbox 360,But could you change the title to : " WHy 2009 could be the year xbox 360 "

Other then that good job.

Master Samo3437d ago

@ KionicWarlord222

I thank you for your positive feedback and kind words. Furthermore, regarding your request, I will certainly think about it. After all, it is not meant as a flamebait title; it actually reflects what I truly believe will happen this year. Therefore, changing it would be changing the overall meaning and objective. However, if changing it would lower the immature responses i'm seeing in the reports, and would give this article the chance it deserves on the site, then I will seriously consider it. I thank you for the advice, as well as your support.

God Bless You

Master Samo

KionicWarlord2223437d ago

Ah thanks for understanding.

I feel like im reading a book

hatchimatchi3437d ago

enough with the hhg articles

Hellsvacancy3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

They feel the need 2 write crap like this 2 assure themselves that wot little they hav will b sumin great

True story, last week my mate came round wid his weed he said his was better than mine (which it was by far) but i didnt let down i put up a fight claimin wot i had was just as good (it really wasnt)

Alan Wakes got my attention though so thats summin

gfrag3437d ago

It Keeps Getting Better and Better

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