Gameslave Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Gameslave writes: "Film tie-in games. Those three words send me into hysterics every time I hear them, and for good reason- they almost always suck. Now, some people may accuse me of being a bit harsh, but look at the history- E.T's game was ranked as one of the worst ever made and with the likes of Kung Fu Panda and Beowulf filling up the shelves, it is little wonder that most tie-ins are little but a half-hearted attempt to rake in a little more cash from the consumer by peddling an unfinished and wholly un-fulfilling game after the movie's release."

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xino4062d ago

it's strange that more people are into this game for PS3 rather than Xbox 360.

Idiots like IGN said PS3 had bad lag in their review.

Another point to prove not to trust big sites such as IGN, Gametrailers, 1UP etc They basically chat pure sh...

Apart from this, the major problem now are the gamers. It seems people now play games to compare with another:/