TGH Review: Klonoa

Video game remakes have been occurring more and more this console generation than ever before. With the advent of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, it's become extremely easy, and less risky for publishers to reach into their back catalogs and push out a rehashed "classic" from the mid 1980s. Some are better than others, but all of them prey on the sense of nostalgia that is virtually omnipresent in gamers over the age of 22. And that works because a lot of the games that have been re-released, your "Pac-Man"s and your "Galaga"s, are games that people are lifelong fans of, but does that same theory work when the game in question isn't as well known as "Dig Dug"? Well, Namco Bandai (coincidentally the publisher of all of the aforementioned games) has set out to answer that question with the re-release of the lesser known PS1 game, "Klonoa."

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