GameFocus Review: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

GameFocus writes: "The Dynasty Warrior franchise must have something special about it to spawn so many sequels and spin-offs. It has been around since 1997 and twelve years later Koei is still giving fans what they crave. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is now available for the PSP and with it comes a new multiplayer focus. Will the game still appeal to those loyal to the series, while offering enough to bring in first time players?"


+ The Ability to install the game onto your memory stick significantly reduces load times
+ Faithful to the series
+ The focus on Multiplayer works well
+ Fury Attacks and Animations are nice


- Very little background for new players
- Single Player is not enjoyable thanks to un-adjustable difficulty
- Persistent Camera Issues
- Horrible Hit Detection
- So-so Graphics and Sound

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