BioShock 2 budget "biggest in 2K's history"

'Expect something spectacular.' That's the words of 2K's UK marketing manager who reckons he's onto a winner with BioShock 2.

The suits who hold the purse strings must agree with him too, because the marketing campaign for the Rapture sequel will be "the biggest in 2K's history".

Simon Turner told UK trade mag MCV, "2K expects BioShock 2 to be one of the top five games of the year." Have a look at why he might be right below, with over nine minutes of footage from the game.

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mephman3435d ago

I wonder how close it'll get to Halo 3's marketing budget. :p

WhittO3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

atleast EA are giving the money their earn back into the games, they could easily decrease the budget and still get huge sales even if it was a crap game, based on the popularity of the first title.

Shows they actually care about putting out quality titles and not making some quick money.

I mean, the support they have given their games recently, like Fifa 09 is alot better than others *cough* Infinity Ward *cough*

Vicophine3435d ago

Halo 3's marketing budget was higher than the games resolution.


KionicWarlord2223435d ago

Great. This means this is AAA title.

Cant wait till e3.

Also i cant wait to the end of year.

ShabzS3435d ago

if only they had spent some of that money making a new engine for themselves

PS360PCROCKS3435d ago

Maybe they should use some of that budget to make the underwater section look half way decent.

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