How to End Piracy

Cooper Hawkes of GameHounds writes:

"We did this, we all did this. I doubt there's a single listener or reader of this site who hasn't at one point or another downloaded a game for free. It's the internet, it's easy to find, easy to do. The temptation is too great, the chances of getting caught too small, the reward too high. I understand giving into the temptation, so you might just as well enjoy it while you can because, trust me, it's the beginning of the end for gaming piracy.

In fact, if I were a console maker, this is what I would do:"

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jack_burt0n3439d ago

ps3 been out a while now.

FragMnTagM3439d ago

What are you talking about?

sunnygrg3439d ago

PS3 been out a while now.

ia_studio3438d ago

>>> OnLive <<<

[email protected] where did you get that avatar

UltimateIdiot9113438d ago

The answer is not OnLive, it's PS3.

Besides, what will you do when your internet craps out in the middle of your gaming session. I can tell you this, not too many gamers will be happy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3438d ago

Killing piracy is like killing roaches. You never kill them all unless it is in an inhospitable environment alas the PS3 with Blu-Ray discs.

Sooner or later the PS3 games will be pirated as well when recordable media can hold that much data I'm sure....

tatical3438d ago

"Sooner or later the PS3 games will be pirated as well when recordable media can hold that much data I'm sure...."

You mean like when these $5 25GB disc become available...?

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FragMnTagM3439d ago

I don't like switching disks at all. I would much rather just sit my ass on the couch after a hard days work and just select the game rather than get up and down every time I want to play a game.

This imaginary console sounds good, but by the time the next ones roll out, we should have 500gb - 1tb hard drives, and this idea could easily work. We also need about 50 - 100gb memory units to download games from Wal-Mart or Gamestop, for the people who don't have internet connections/broadband.

ChickeyCantor3439d ago

What is next? someone should drag you to work ? XD

You can't be that lazy over such trivial things.

GamerEdie3439d ago

In theory, that already exists with OnLive.

Of course, I have my doubts whether Onlive is real, at least as a gaming system. But in it's currently proposed form, it also will be the end of piracy. But honestly, I like this idea much, much better. Your game saves and your system operation isn't in the hands of a shadow corporation that may or may not be around for the next 10 years.

Kakkoii3438d ago

You have your doubts that OnLive is real? Lol? What's to doubt? Many sites have gotten a first hand look at it, and I believe a Beta is supposed to happen sometime soon, or already is.

Transporter473438d ago

ok think about multiplayer onlive, people already b1tch about lag then think about the lag the OnLive will give you then after that think about the lag the multiplayer will give you, hell unless everybody gets a very expensive internet connection i don't see a lot of people adapting to this, cause everybody would need at least t1 connection and that won't stop the lag imagine how many people will be streaming the games at the same time specially if it was something like CoD4 or Killzone2, even halo 3 thats y OnLive = fail at least to me

Kakkoii3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Yeah I do agree on the internet front, people will be hitting their bandwidth caps within a few days of gameplay haha. Latency is the main lag factor, so you will be connected to the closest servers. But OnLive isn't something that can take over gaming, at least not until far in the future where everyone's running on fiber optic internet with no bandwidth caps and all that nice cool future stuff :P

(Like Japan. Pretty much everyone there has 100mbps fiber optic internet...*drools*.)

Transporter473438d ago

Onlive is a neat idea just technological wise not ready

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ChickeyCantor3439d ago

Piracy will always exist...And we know it.

pippoppow3439d ago

True. It's just that gamers need to realize the damage they are doing to their hobby and fight against the temptation of an easy download. Web sites that are known to distribute games for free through downloading should be closed down or at least heavily fined. Sure there will be other ways to get the game but at least it would cut down on the amount of illegal downloads. It's just too easy now.

G4drake3438d ago

also remenber that most do piracy because of price tag.

in some contries , a good game cost 160 bucks

IdleLeeSiuLung3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Well, we all see what is happening with the PC gaming industry slowly killed by overcharging for hardware that has to re-purchased every 2 years at most and the rampant piracy going on.

Already we can see that the cost of making a game more often than not is not paid for in sales even great games due to the large investment necessary.

Basically if we all paid for the games, it would be cheaper for everyone.

Bazookajoe_833439d ago

And there is were i feel that downloading games is okey. I dont mind paying for having games through digital distrubution when there are smaller games. But im not going to pay 60$ for a game that has 10h gameplay, takes up 15gb of hdd space and that i cant resell.

IdleLeeSiuLung3438d ago

That is why I don't think we will ever get rid of discs. There are too many people that prefer the disc over something you can download.

Don't you feel like you got more for your money when you are holding something tangible that you can resell in two years for $5?

Personally, I buy all my games new and I never resell them. I like to collect them on my shelf and for the most part buy them when they hit close to the bargain bin tag i.e. $30 or less with exception of a few SF IV, KZ2, GeoW2 and NG2!

i3eyond the Circle3439d ago

Piracy all around cannot be stopped.

But in this generations consoles it should have been a top priority at the drawing board.

Sony luckily thought ahead and used Blu Ray and technology even the most cunning of hackers and thieves won't put in the effort.

Unlike MSFT who left the 360 vunerable to attack just as the original Xbox only to have piraters cripple sales and breaking release dates. Not only hurting there reputation but also crippling developers which in turn cripples gaming as a whole.

I want developers to prosper and receive top dollar for the products they sell which is why I'm assured that feeling everytime I buy a game and Blu Ray can assure they get it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3438d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble but the ps3 plays burn bluray movies with ease.

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