Resident Evil Director's Cut Infects PSN on May 28th

Itching for more PS1 games on the Playstation Store? Well, Capcom has finally made good on their promise to support the PSN with more PS1 Classics; and soon, too! Coming up next week, on May 28th, is Resident Evil Director's Cut.

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joemayo764060d ago

$10 is a lil much, lucky i got my PS1 version to play anyways if anybody does buy remember to hold right (or was it left) over the "advanced" difficulty selection until it turns green to double your ammo :)

pain777pas4060d ago

Yup $10 is steep the collection of all RE games is like 29.99 at blockbuster new someplaces. Ridiculous. Where is alpha 2 gold and 3? Capcom get with it.

DrWan4061d ago

Amazon sells physical copy with booklet for 8.98.

All the other PSN game only cost 6 dollar

kb8mvp814061d ago

cant really complain there.

Mindboggle4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I agree, the fact that you can play it on your psp makes it worth the extra money...

Does anyone know if this is coming to UK aswell....Knowing Capcoms record with SCEE im not holding much hope...

Actually i dont care. Im not paying £8 for a game thats not even got trophies....And when all other PS1 games are £4...

DrWan4060d ago

phsyical disc can be played On psp via remote play right


It's only 4.50 in the hong kong store. What the hell?

[email protected]4061d ago

They seriously love take gamer money from heart... on a evil way I mean.

beavis4play4060d ago

i guess there are 3 people who like throwing their money away.

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The story is too old to be commented.