First screenshots of Metroid Prime Trilogy

Nintendo has released the first screenshots of the upcoming Metroid Prime Trilogy package.

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Trey4Lyfe4072d ago

Im really excited about this, good move nintendo!

50CALheadshot4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

that was a hot game. this looks like a psp game though. did they bump down the visuals? prealpha code? i hope so

Trey4Lyfe4072d ago

The First two were on Gamecube

knox4072d ago

prealpha? the game is coming out in august

50CALheadshot4071d ago

right. i agree.

why do samus' last gens games look better to me?

maybe its me.

Gue14071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

It is not just you @50CALheadshot, these screens really look bad. The first and second Prime games didn't have jaggies, anywhere. Maybe the new aspect ratio caused this...

And before a phantom disagree here's a link with footage from the first prime game:

50CALheadshot4071d ago

hopefully they are still tweaking it

ChickeyCantor4071d ago

These are freaking screenshots, why would the original look any different as the Wii is able to run these games in their original form?

Dumping down visuals aren't even making sense at all.

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NovusTerminus4071d ago

I will be as well, I never beat them due to bad controls on the first one, and never had the cash on hand for the 3rd one, and now that this news is out I am glad I skipped it, this is one hell of a deal! Can't wait.

Gen0ne4071d ago

I'm a sucker for anything Metriod. I finished all three at 100% on hard and didn't use guides. ( That was a mistake ) Corruption kinda stunk a bit, but the 1st Prime is still my go-to game when I want immersion. And it still looks good. Add some motion controls ( which Prime 3 got right ) and I'm in. Ever since 3 all I could think of was how I'd love to run through the 1st with Wii controls. I'd prefer a new Metroid *cough cough Dread cough* but this will stave off my complaints. But not for long.

mastiffchild4071d ago

I don'y agree that MP3 stunk at all but do love the first Prime more than is healthy! I never got to 100% on Echoes though so a chance to play them all through with those great controls will be amazingly good fun while we await what comes next from Retro. Dread will be cool if/when it lands but the opportunity for side storys to be done , even, episodically on Wii ware (like has been talked about) would be great too.

Still no MP(why not when Hunters did it on DS so well-til the hackers murdered it anyway)which for a series as great and well suited to it is gutting. Still though, a good chance for those who haven't got into Samus' adventures to have a ball. Gots to love the 'troid.

LeonSKennedy4Life4071d ago

Corruption is my second favorite Wii game behind Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.

It's freakin' AMAZING, people!