GameZone: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Preview

GameZone writes: "Other than weapons, your trusty PKE meter will enable you to search the environment for paranormal readings and special events. This is a good way to find ghosts that may be hiding in the environment, as well as secret artifacts and collectibles. Additionally, there's a side quest that involves doing a full 100% scan on all the different enemy types that you meet throughout the game".

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table3434d ago

Another AAA SONY exclusive! heheh, just kidding. Seen it typed so many times I just couldn't resist.

antt33434d ago

I'm pretty excited for this game. After the whole "Sony last minute timed exclusive" thing, there seemed to be some unnecessary backlash directed at this title.

I hope everyone can see past that and judge the game on its own merits. As the article stated, having the original cast and writers create this story is a huge boon.

I'll have to wait for some reviews and/or a demo before deciding if I want to buy or rent, but either way, I *will* play it.