Battlefield Bad Company 2: Sleeper Hit For 2009

With the KILLZONE 2 release out of the way, the only real competition for BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 in 2009 appears to fall on the shoulders of Modern Warfare 2, MAG and HALO 3: ODST. Looking at the competition, BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 does appear to be the obvious underdog. Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the 2007 Game of the Year in COD: Modern Warfare followed by MAG, the PS3 exclusive bolstering the most robust online experience with 256 players online and countless upgrades. Finally, HALO 3: ODST, the Xbox 360 exclusive shooter which is surrounded by much mystery.

Can DICE offer an experience that could possibly trump the competition?

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jack_burt0n4070d ago

pretty sure EA press release said Q1 next year wld be crazy to go up aganst mw2 and mag would be an injustice to all of them.

finbars754070d ago

I disagree with you all the way.Dont get me wrong I think that MW2 and M.A.G are strong contenders but I have to say that BF2 is looking pretty dam good.The gameplay has always been alot more fun then cod4 and has alot more to offer then just running around upgrading your ranks and weapons.Open world,Weapons and objectives alot more enteresting to do.MW2 looks alright from the gameplay video i have seen just recent.COD4 still looks much better.M.A.G would give this a run for its money.Bigger and badder is alot more fun then smaller and technical.I still think that Killzone 2 has it in the bag.Its been releasing crazy dlcs every month so far especially the new flash and thunder.Bringing something new again to online just like steel and titanium.A moving train with enviroments making things alot more enteresting and exciting.Now planting c4s and a atomic bomb going off and everyone dying if not in buildings or taking the proper cover.dammmm thats real online.Thats not all yet with 2 more dlcs coming out with vehicles in one and co-op in the next.I love all the games where getting this year and I have to say its going to be close and exciting.But BFBD2 dont over look something that might make a great impression at e3 you never know.

evrfighter4070d ago

"Bigger and badder is alot more fun then smaller and technical"

if you've played Planetside which is around 300vs.300. You'd know that there is no such thing as technical. Whoever zergs faster wins. no amount of skill will turn the tide. There is a reason why 5v5 is the "goto" mode in leagues and tournaments.

Its kinda like the old school tarren mill pvp in WoW. Zerg rushes went back in forth all day and you couldn't really hold the town because of the npc's. Well in Planetside the zerg continues with no help from npc's and it usually ends with your faction being driven off that particular planet. I don't expect the style of play to be any different from MAG.

ThanatosDMC4069d ago

I agree with the zerg rushes. But i hope they somehow balance it all out somehow.

4070d ago
THC CELL4070d ago

i think this game will be out done by call of duty
and the servers on battlefield are terrible
spec in the EU
so i will pass on battlefield this year and wait for the bargin bin sales
plus Flashpoint 2 will be out and that is a sim and i have a feeling not even call of duty will be played when i get flashpoint

peeps4070d ago

hmmm all different games though tbh

mw2 - semi-tactical shooter altho pretty fast pacing (unless it's s&d)
battlefield bc2 - vehicle combat, lots of destruction, objective based modes
opp flashpoint 2 - very realistic military game

THC CELL4070d ago

i will defo get Mag
that game will stamp call of duty out of my system

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