OXM: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

She has no name, but her face will be burned into your memory forever. White hair drapes over a worried, slightly fearful expression, and she awkwardly fumbles with the assault rifle in her hands. A simple gold band adorns her ring finger. Seventeen minutes from now, she will be dead, plunging to death off a destroyed bridge. And it'll be entirely your fault.

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIII, the newest and most explosive entry in the long-running JRPG series. OXM is sitting in developer Square Enix's Tokyo headquarters, having the world's first hands-on with the game: 20 glorious minutes of blockbuster cutscenes, frantically fast turn-based battles, and cooler-than-thou characters and monsters beating the entire spectrum of colors out of each other.

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Lfmesquite3437d ago

What is OXM have hands on with, the PS3 version?

I really doubt the Japanese exclusivity for PS3 will last.

cmrbe3437d ago

of the PS3 FF13 version?.