Xboxer360 Review: Family Game Night: Battleships

Xboxer360 writes: "We all know Battleships, it should need little introduction. EA and Hasbro have now brought this age old classic to the Xbox Live Arcade via Family Game Night. So, does this stay afloat of the competition or does it sink to the bottom of the ocean to its watery grave?

Ok I'm going to get what I really don't like about this game out of the way. The spinning camera. Honestly it made me feel nauseous everytime it span around to show where my hit landed on my opponents board, and it does this every time you fire. I'd have much rather they find a way to do this without spinning the camera around every time I fire, it really can be that irritating. Also it doesn't show where your own ships are placed on your side of the screen because of this. I'm guessing this has been done to stop people from boosting the achievements but nevertheless it's something that could have probably been done a little differently. These are only minor gripes however and opinion will probably differ from player to player..."

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