Xboxer360 Review: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Xboxer360 writes: "Chronicles of Riddick originally appeared on the Xbox five years ago where it recieved much praise for bringing something new to the first person genre. Its mixture of stealth, melee combat, and action along with stuning graphics for its day made it stand out among the genre. Finally Starbreezes much awaited Chronicles of Riddick arrives on the Xbox 360 along with its much anticipated expansion, but just how does this aged game fare against the more modern titles of today?

Graphics: First let's sink our teeth into the games graphics. So many times have I seen alot of gamers complain that this game look terrible when they played the demo and that they wouldn't buy it on this factor alone. I have to say they made a big mistake if they didn't buy this. The games graphics are most certainly not to the standard of games like Gears of War but when you compare them to the original they do look pretty damn good. The box art alone shows a side by side comparison of the two games and the difference is staggering..."

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