Koku Gamer: E3 2009 Expectations

Koku Gamer writes: "As we all know, E3 2009 is little more than a couple weeks away and anticipation is building. It is by far, the most important and biggest video game conference of the year and here now are our Koku Gamer expectations."

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edulle4067d ago

Really looking forward to E3

Cinotix4067d ago

I think this'll be a year that will match 2006 E3 performance.

Nathan V4067d ago

I hope there are some good line-ups for E3. Its been quite dissapointing in the past.

Xeall4067d ago

I'm personally expecting something different from E3 this year. Sony have put up a really good list of games leading up to the event and microsoft have shown Mass Effect 2 with more to come at the event. Halo OST will have to do something very different from the previous games for me to care.

Nintendo should however never be discounted, they are leading the console war for a reason and announcing one key game would build enough hype for them to stay there, let alone anything else they have up their sleeves.

Time will tell of course

Icemael4067d ago

Good predictions, but please leave out the bias from articles like these. Stuff like "As of now, the Xbox 360 is still the top console to own this generation." makes the writer come off as unprofessional.

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