Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island DLC trailer

Besides announced it will be released on June 11th, Criterion has released a 2-minute trailer for the upcoming Big Surf Island DLC.

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Supernatural243437d ago

Dammit! Why did I sell last year!

It looks so much fun now despite not having split-screen multiplayer (which is why I sold it).

Driving the Ghostbusters car with cops in Big Surf sounds fun.

That theme is the best, reminds me of Burnout 2, which I still play nowadays.

M4I0N33437d ago

yea i agree, awesome theme tune, i just wish burnout paradise was a little more like burnout 2 and burnout revenge tbh, burnout paradise just doesnt click for me some reason, its lost its adrenaline packed racing. :(

ChileanBoy3436d ago

it comes out on my birthday!

Cajun Chicken3436d ago

I HAVE to pick this DLC up. Money for Criterion on my behalf!