The inFAMOUS Official Mini-Game Launches Exclusively to SPIL Games' Portals

SPIL GAMES, the world's ultimate online game destination, have announced that the official mini-game for the upcoming title, inFAMOUS, will debut exclusively on SPIL GAMES online casual game portals from May 22-29. Like all online games, you can play this one in-browser on your Mac or PC, and the game will showcase the action-adventure gameplay style featured in the hotly anticipated inFAMOUS coming soon to the PlayStation 3.

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ShAkKa3488d ago

nice minigame sony should put it on the PSstore to play on Psp and on Ps3.(for free of course)

KeenanTheSavage3488d ago

Yeah, I didn't think it was too bad either. Just gets me more and more psyched for the REAL game! :D