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GameSpot writes: "Empire City may not be the prettiest place, but what it lacks in stunning beauty it makes up for in pure entertainment. One of the most remarkable aspects of Infamous is how it continually improves throughout the quest. The pacing is excellent. It doles out new abilities, introduces powerful story twists, and concocts exhilarating missions at a steady rate, which means the game never loses steam during the course of the lengthy adventure. And when the credits finally roll, you'll just want to keep playing, to see what the other morality choices reveal and to squeeze every ounce of entertainment from this amazing world. Infamous is an exhilarating and incredibly fun open-world game".

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s8anicslayer3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Now I am really conviced of this games AAA status

Beg For Mercy3436d ago

That was a great review, just picked up my gigawatt blade code gamestop

cmrbe3436d ago

When it was revealed it was developed by SP.

jmiol-on-psn3436d ago

I did not see this coming from gamespot, 9/10 is a good score from them.

raztad3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Wow, things have been changing on the block :D. Now Eurolamers UK is looking WAAAAY stupid, maybe the "elitist" edge come to help it :D

inFAMOUS, shouldnt be less than a solid 9/10. Game isn't w/o some minor fails, specially in the graphical dept (judging by the demo), but the amount of particle effects, physics, lightning, perfectly makes up for it. I'm glad Gamespot got this right.

I want to add, that this game is the first of SP on the PS3, so this is really awesome for them. All the visual glitches can be fixed on a later patch. I really hope this game sells well, so a next iteration with improved visuals and new ideas can be granted.

From Gamespot:

"Infamous is an exhilarating and incredibly fun open-world game".

zoneofenders3436d ago

god damn
i thought gamespot will give it 7 or something....
anyway, come on EDGE, show us what you got 5?6? too good to be a PS3 exclusive?

cmrbe3436d ago

Gamespot has been very level headed recently. No hype no BS like at the start of this gen. They just tell it as they see it with very good reasons to like or dislike a game.

Gamespot and IGN have always been my most trusted review sites before because they usually only focus on the game and i generally agree with their reviews.

antt33436d ago

Like I was saying in another thread, it all depends on how much the reviewer wants to nitpick.

*all* of the reviews agree on the pros and cons of the game, it's just that some reviews--ahem**eurogamer**ahem --really pick apart these tiny flaws and blow them out of proportion, while most reviews simply say, "yeah, there are cons, but the game is *fun!* And those few cons don't outweigh the pros."

I, of course, won't make a final verdict until I play the full game, but if the demo was any indication, it's gonna be killer.

raztad3436d ago


You right. I think things changed a lot since some fanboys left the GS's staff if I remember well. MGS4 was GS's GOTY and that says a lot of positive things about them. inFAMOUS review is very good too.

Lifendz3436d ago

GS has really changed a lot. I never expected inFAMOUS to get such a good score. I'm literally shocked. Perhaps the bias against PS3 has gone the way of the dinosaur.

eagle213436d ago

AAA is PS3's nickname. :)

barom3436d ago

Anyone else kinda getting tired of these "AAA confirmed!" posts? I mean the score is right in front of our faces. No need to say the obvious.

cmrbe3436d ago

Yes they have turned back the clock to when they were once the best.

Since last year i have agreed with Gamespots reviews more so than IGN. R2 for example i would give a 9 just like Gamespot did unlike IGN with its 9.5 IGN.

This is classic Gamespot. No unnessary comparison to other games and what platform its on but rather just focus on the game itself and just review it on its own merits. As i said before. No hype no BS.

Sarcasm3436d ago

When I first played the demo, it wasn't the graphics, nor the "open world" settings, it was the gameplay that hooked me the most.

This game does everything Assassin's creed failed to do. Fast reponsive controls climbing buildings and things, a cohesive story, and above all FUN gameplay!

CrazzyMan3436d ago

M$ is run out of money? I mean, i still remeber GS Ratchet & Clank review, where GS mention "too much variety" as a negative point...

But anyway, so far, inFAMOUS has 37 reviews on n4g, where only 7 scores are 8 or lower, while other 30(!) are 8.5 and higher.

After all, review - is just OPINION, which you trust/respect or not. However, the game, which has over 30 reviews with score 8.5 and higher is definitely WORTH to try, and maybe for you it will be an AAA game. It`s you, who decide in the end. =)

Saigon3436d ago

i didn't expect a 9...i thought certainly an 7-8 from them...

pixelsword3436d ago

They aren't worth giving hits to.

I've played the demo, it was one of the coolest sandbox experiences I've played in a long time; not since GTA San Andreas have I been this happy to play a game like this.

It actually feels like playing a comic book... minus the thought bubbles.

The Dude3436d ago

And it still wont sell. I played its just ok not a AAA nothing special not like killzowned.

pixelsword3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

...but that doesn't mean it isn't a great game.

Besides, if you don't think it's anything special that doesn't mean it won't sell; that just means you don't think it's anything special.

ThanatosDMC3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Wow, i thought Gamespot was gonna give it at most an 8.... Cant wait for Yahtzee's review... is he still alive? I dont see his reviews on N4G anymore.

Buttons3436d ago

We all know Sucker Punch is one of the best at story-driven and gameplay-awesomeness games.

Congratulations, Sucker Punch, your game is win.

pain777pas3436d ago

I really like this game because its FUN based on my limited demo experience to know what the story is will make this game awesome. The graphics are great and rival anything you've seen in open world type games played GTA4 for comparison and its pretty much a wash however there are significant jaggies on Infamous in comparison so really they are comparable. Think about it guys aren't these guys smart by not using other elementals for their super hero. Sequel with Fire in the next game you heard it here first and they will nail that game.

Buttons3435d ago

It's a bit weird, I noticed the draw distance more than I did the jaggies. It comes out pretty even, the GTA distance you can see is better, but the night time sucks (in GTA)

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3436d ago
devilhunterx3436d ago


(loving the demo!)

chaosatom3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

You have jumped from a sinking boat but can you save xbots from the sinking in the boat?

theKiller3436d ago

2 big and trusted(almost with GS case) sites, yes i know GS were [email protected] at the beginning of this gen but i think they started to change after they lost so many supporters = Hits = money!!

i still didnt forget their bias and hate towards ps3 exclusives this gen, so it will take for me the same time it took for them to be normal so i will visit them regularly.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Not too impressed. Reminds me of Crackdown, except you don't drive in cars or use guns.

The fighting just doesn't seem that great. The setup for the story is pretty simple yet still contrived. The setting itself is kind of bland. The graphics were nice though.

For an exclusive that has been in dev. for 3-4 years by one of Sony's premiere dev. I was expecting more.

WildArmed3435d ago

the interviews.
And if u expect gold from everything, you are gonna be disappointed alot in your life.
play the game for itself.
I loved crackdown, but inFamous makes it seems like nothing.
(yes i got the game early)
Hopefully Crackdown 2 > inFAmous.

fanboyoism is stupid
*looks around* fuk im in the open zone. why da hell do i bother

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cmrbe3436d ago

Personally i believe that Infamous is better but i will still check Prototype out.

Those people that hopeing that Prototype is better are xbots. I feel sorry for them because they don't know that prototype is also on the PS3.

Eiffel3436d ago

Me buying Prototype does not mean I'm an xbot. I just don't see anything Infamous offers me that would want me to buy it. Plus I find Prototypes story more interesting than that of Infamous's. I will however buy Infamous, but not because its an exclusive. I always find multiplats more interesting than exclusives. Just my taste.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3436d ago

Pl'AAA'ySt'AAA'tion!!! ;-P Er erm;)

PS3 owners can buy both + Get KZ2 + MAG + MW2. So it's WIN, WIN, WIN for us;)

lokiroo4203436d ago

eiffel does it get old being full of sh!t every second of every day, multiplats are more interesting, what a sad sad little box boy.

Eiffel3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Sadly you generalize I'm a fanboy like you. Which I'm glad I'm not. Tell me does it get old not knowing what a women feels like? Besides you sucking off your mother ever night of every day. Understand this and only this fantard. I like games regardless what of system they are. I don't pin my self to one system. I prefer multiplatform titles simply out of choice. Like you like being on your knees with your mouth open simply by choice.

Just do the world a favor and find the nearest tallest building and do the right thing. I guarantee your basement won't go away after you knock yourself off a 80 foot drop.

leftbehindxp3436d ago

You're brag about being with a women...on a videogame a open zone...trying to defend yourself with basically "I'm better than you because I did (insert)"...yeah that's low man, real low.

lokiroo4203436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

gay jokes, momma jokes,good ones! Eiffel i am your father, but i guess your right your momma didnt feel like a woman, more like a cow.

Thought you might need this!

scheme_a3436d ago

> I always find multiplats more interesting than exclusives. Just my taste.

If you say that to Gears of War or Halo, then I believe you :)

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rebirthofcaos3436d ago

sweet day one.I pre order it since the custume was on amazon.Also will take a day off to see the sony conference on live.