Diablo III - New screenshots

Blizzard published some new screenshots from Diablo III featuring the return of the Fallen. Check them out.

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freeman293438d ago

This game has excellent graphics.

Final_Rpg3438d ago

what do you reckon the system reqs will be?

zagibu3438d ago

Low, as always in Blizzard games.

AntoineDcoolette3438d ago

By "excellent graphics" you mean "excellent art direction", right? Blizzard has never been about graphical horse power but overwhelming artistic talent.

gravenmage3438d ago

Looking damn good.Liking the character and equipment interface.

Supercalifragili3438d ago

Great graphics. Despite some criticism I like the art style.

TheIneffableBob3438d ago

I totally agree. There is nothing wrong with the art style. I'm glad that Blizzard is sticking to their vision instead of succumbing to the wants of a small group of vocal fans.

RememberThe3573438d ago

This and Mass Effect 2. Right now.

RememberThe3573438d ago

I literally went from Star Craft to Diablo 2 to War Craft 3. Blizzard made me a gamer.

thehitman3438d ago

But i stayed on sc longer than d2. D2 got boring fast for me people barely even play through the game its just rush baal runs or at the time I really use to play it was cow runs. I on wc3 atm :P.

Grandreaper99993438d ago

for me it was the same, played the crap out of everything until WC3. I still play everything pre-WC3.

I wish they kept it in line with D1 though. It was probably one of the most atmospheric games I've ever played. I can remember just the environment, bgm and sounds made me want to stay out of the dungeons it was so eerie.

D2 didn't really carry that over well at all, and by the looks of it.... D3 should just be another warcraft game. Yeah I said it. But I'm a Diablo fanatic, and it still very disappointing everytime I see new screens and info because with today's tech they could do some really amazing things with the Diablo universe. Instead... Well... Yeah.

I won't be playing much of D3. It's not any more appealing to me than WC3 or WoW. Maybe one playthrough if I can stomach it. I really don't like the visuals of their 3d games.. No matter what the universe, it all goes through the same stylized filter. I dunno if they have one very busy art director who likes only cartoons, or the fact that they try to make their game run on any old machine. Either way all the 3d games they've released as well as the stuff they're previewing for SC2 and D3 really turn me off.

I still enjoy D1, D2 and SC much more than any game that's been released since. That includes every current and last gen game.

I think if I played D3 and heard "Ahhhhhh.. fresh meat!" It wouldn't be the same.

Grandreaper99993438d ago

It's all a matter of opinion though. If WoW is your thing, then fine. Everyone has their own ideas of how something should be, I just think it would be really great it blizzard stuck to THEIR first idea (not necessarily mine).

I totally welcome the gameplay changes though. I was hoping for a real next gen D3 that represented what D1 was though. I want the dark, gritty realistic/fantasy horror back in Diablo that's all.

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