x360a Battlestations: Pacific Review

x360a writes: "I think it is pretty much a statistical fact that if you play all the WWII games back to back that it would take you much longer than the actual conflict lasted (I may be guessing here though), which is to say that the market for games based on that particular blot on the global copybook has become amazingly saturated. Therefore when another WWII title sails into view, I cannot help but let out an imperceptible groan. Thankfully Battlestations is not your regular WWII title (read FPS) and offers an entirely unique experience. Considering the fact its predecessor was hardly welcomed with open arms however leads me to wonder if this game may be a little too niche for its own good.

Eidos have tried to deliver a game that outstrips the previous offering in every sense, with polished graphics, a far longer campaign and a plethora of multiplayer options. While the original Battlestations was hardly terrible it did have a few rough edges that needed ironing out, and this sequel sets out to address them in every way possible. Even for those who never dabbled in the original, this game comes across as incredibly polished..."

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