Heavy Rain - Your Questions Answered

Chris Morell on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"Last month I caught up with David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream and writer/director of Heavy Rain, a game that many of you are very interested in. To a room full of press, David presented a new scene that introduced new characters, new gameplay, contextual additions and more…and what was shown was simply stunning. Following the preso, I asked David about Heavy Rain and its progress, and grilled him some of your very own questions.

Also, make sure you check out 1UP's week-long Heavy Rain coverage - including a hands-on preview - as well as two new videos on GameTrailers."

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Muggles4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

"Nothing is pre-rendered - everything is realtime 3D."

This game is looking better the more I learn about it.