Worth Playing Review: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Worth Playing:
When Nintendo announced its New Play Control! series of games early this year, there were two camps of thought. One group believed that this move was nothing more than a quick cash grab, since the games under this banner were GameCube titles that were being released on a system that is 100% compatible with the entire GameCube library. The other group of people thought that this was a great opportunity for new gamers to discover some classic GameCube games that players might have missed the first time around. The first two releases under this program, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, supported the former group's theory since they were very popular titles that sold well enough to become Player's Choice titles. Nintendo's latest release, New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, is a game that supports the latter group's theory rather well. Released late in the GameCube's life cycle, the game received both critical acclaim and poor sales thanks in part to the exclusive use of its bongo controllers. The hope is that by re-releasing the title with a more Wii-centric control scheme, gamers will be more apt to give the title a shot. Is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat worth revisiting, or is it best left forgotten in the annals of GameCube history?

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