BioWare: "Fans are going to have their minds blown"

BioWare has just posted messages on their Twitter page about their E3 videos. It reads:

"Just saw the E3 videos for ME2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Man, our fans are going to have their minds blown. -Evil Chris"

A follow up post reads: "Chris is not lying -- I can't wait to hear/read the reactions to E3. -Ryan Warden"

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TheColbertinator3440d ago

Yeah both games are gonna be great.If Dragon Age is half as good as baldurs gate,we could have another shoe-in for GOTY 2009

KionicWarlord2223440d ago

SUSPENSE METER FILLED....must dump into tray.

iHEARTboobs3440d ago

Looking forward to having my mind blown. :)

Is this game due out early next year?

WildArmed3440d ago

can't wait.
gotta get this game day 1!

But.. why is it in the ps3 section?
Its only 4 Pc n 360 right?

I hope PC comes out on the same date as 360.
Loved ME on PC :D

jmare3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Because it also refers to Dragon Age, which is on PS3. Columbo made a poor choice with the story image. He should have used the Bioware logo. It would have helped avoid flaming and confusion.

EDIT: Below: Get a girlfriend and your chances of getting blown are even better.

TheRealSpy023440d ago

between splinter cell conviction and this game, i guess i can expect to get blown a few times. great news.

Anon19743439d ago

I was at VideoGamesLive on Monday in Edmonton (Bioware's home) and I overheard someone from Bioware say that Mass Effect 2 was done during a Mass Effect segment. Still haven't played ME yet, but I'm going to. Just after I finish Infamous. And Beyond Good and Evil which I picked up this week. And Dead Space. And Prince of Persia I got for Christmas. And after I finally try the Shivering Isles expansion I've had for over a year now on my 360. And after just a few more Killzone 2 matches. Then I'll give Mass Effect a try. Nice thing is, it's dirt cheap now.

joydestroy3439d ago

for serial! ME2 is going to be epic, i can feel it!

DA_SHREDDER3439d ago

I dont know how many times a game dev has ever said that? I hope they are right. Im really looking forward to Dragon Age.

sniper-squeak3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago ) got these 360 game devs and insiders telling us that the upcoming exclusives for the console are gonna "blow our minds away" - there was an article mentioning this about another 360 exclusive earlier on...
This year might show some hidden potential in the 360 (Y)

UPDATE: the game I was on about was "Splinter Cell: Conviction", here's the article:

jmare3439d ago

Or it could be the run up to E3 and developers are hyping up their games. It couldn't be that, could it?

sniper-squeak3439d ago

yh we can only wait and see, gameplay etc. lol

pixelsword3439d ago

...wanna see a picture of my big duck?

joydestroy3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

whatever, i have no doubt in my mind that ME2 is going to be awesome. that game, APB, the possibility of Crackdown 2 and hopefully Splinter Cell being good are the only reasons i'm still holding onto my 360.

Christopher3439d ago

APB is PC only at the moment. Don't think they're working on a Crackdown 2 for a release anytime soon since they're focusing on APB instead.

WildArmed3439d ago

oh ok.
Only game from Bioware thats on my radar is Mass Effect 2.
Loved the first one.. and gunna love the second one even more

No Way3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

A supposed early next year release.
I think I've seen a.. January release? o.O

But, chances of that.. prolly doubtful.
Although, it will prolly be a Q1 release.

pain777pas3438d ago

Who saw the UBI soft spy canada geese comment? They are officially are EA employees.

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Gue13440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

This is like the third or fourth time that a developer says that their game is going to blow minds... This E3 is full of mind blowing games. mmmMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

TOO PAWNED3440d ago

My mind blown? PS3 announcement? Knew it! just kid....disagree monsters

Panthers3440d ago

That is what would blow my mind. Dont have the money for 360 and I hate playing games on PC.

jmare3440d ago

What else do you expect a developer to same about his game? How is this news?

This just in: I'm fvcking awesome! Why? Because I say so.

badboy8083440d ago

I agree also why is this onthe PS3 board

lloyd_wonder3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Because Dragon Age Origins is a multi platform title.

NNNW3440d ago

there seems to be a lot of mind-blowing of late.

I did not murder him3439d ago

Because the submitter wanted to put this in the PS3 section and like people are saying about Dragon Age being multi platform on consoles.

jmare3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

The submitter had to put it in the PS3 section because it relates to a PS3 game. He chose the ME 2 image to get hits.

EDIT: I think you missed the point I was going for. I understand what you were saying about the PS3 section, it just wasn't accurate. If you post a story about a game you are supposed to put it in all the channels it is for. The use of the ME2 pic is my comment on why there is so much confusion on this post about what it is referring to. Also, it is a flamebait tactic designed to draw in hits.

I did not murder him3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Thats what I said. I didn't say anything about pics or ME2.

Again I said because he wanted to and because of the fact Dragon age is multi platform on consoles.

And yes my remark about the submitter "wanted to" does also mean loyal console fans will abuse the news making bad editing choices on purpose sometimes.

I'm not just saying this just because Columbo likes to post confusing articles that make PS3 look good and negative 360 news.

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