Counterfeit Hori Screen Protectors on eBay?

Hori has long been recognized as the crème de la crème of screen protector manufacturers, the standard by which all other screen protectors must attempt to live up to, though they will inevitably fail. Whether you're looking to guard the screens of your original Nintendo DS or your DS lite, Hori is the way to go. The attention to quality, affordable price, and ease of application all come together to form one giant Voltron of awesomeness.

Unfortunately, most retail shops like GameStop and Best Buy insist on carrying less-than satisfactory screen protectors, cruel parodies of Hori's product. Those hoping to fetch a Hori screen protector usually have to buy online from either an import site or eBay. According to recent findings however, bootleg screen protectors are just as widespread on eBay as pirated GBA carts!

Early reports claim that these counterfeit screen protectors scratch very easily compared to the authentic ones. Adding further insult, the fake protectors will have a slightly brown tint, sullying the vibrant colors of your DS lite. Much like with bootlegged GBA/DS carts, there are also packaging inconsistencies you can keep an eye out for to ensure that these phony protectors never touch your DS' screens. More info after the jump.

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