RUMOR - The first real review for The Conduit?

GoNintendo writes: "Remember that fake Nintendo Power review for The Conduit? We warned you about it, just incase you came across it while traveling the web. By the end of that day, the faker had been revealed, and his motives behind the punk were revealed.

It's for that reason that I was a tad bit skeptical of yet another review for The Conduit that has popped up. From what I can tell, this one is indeed the real deal, and it's once again from Nintendo Power. After mulling it over, I'm going to run with this one, but I'll keep tagged as rumor."

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TheColbertinator3439d ago

Looks bogus to me.Nintendo Power mag scans are really easy to Photoshop

TOO PAWNED3439d ago

No one cares about this game, let's be honest. It is going to be bigger flop than mad world.

ChickeyCantor3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

How is that even logical?
Madworld was a Dared beat'um up with a unique artstyle.
The conduit pretty much takes the standard FPS settings...
Its a FPS game with aliens...can't go wrong there.

Yes its obvious you want it to fail, but please consider your own logic...cause it has failed for sure.

nikola9873438d ago

boy,I realy like smart guys like you :P

dogmeat eater3438d ago

This game doesnt look like anything special. I mean look at it! Its just your regular old shooter. Just like haze. When that game was coming out people were getting really excited for it. I was just telling them it was going to be your average old shooter. Which it was.

Mahr3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

"Just like haze... I was just telling them it was going to be your average old shooter. Which it was."

'Average'? I think the word you're looking for is 'Awful'.

N4g_null3438d ago

Yeah I remember feeling the same way about halo and even gears of war till it sold like shoot em up crack. I remember playing and even realizing that hey these games are not for me they are fro people new to some thing. Halo was for people who got owned in quake and UT. Halo was their first chance at lan parties that are usually hard to set up and evolves lots of dedication. Halo was the Wii fit of FPS. COD is like the pop star of sniper sims and spam wars, kill boxs that now have grass in them.

The conduit is like this in the fact it will introduce many to what the Wii got right IR aiming and controls for FPS on the console and freedom from the mouse and key board set ups that many have not and will not master. Also precision to those that can handle it rather than spam sweeps with dual analog sticks.

When you take great controls and online then you have FPS heaven. Now the graphics become a gimmick, the AI gimmicks, effects gimmicks or shall I say polish because the true game is online and in skilled matches where people fear your skills and get to marvel them or surpass them.

The conduit will get better in regards to art and what ever fluff that is needed to get people to play but the sales will come from word of mouth and people playing it.

The same happened with halo, if you notice it just kept getting bigger and bigger. This also happens because younger players are playing this game. I mean really how many over 20 year olds do you know that still play lots of competitive FPS nightly? Even if they do notice how spread across different games they are.

It's the mario kart effect on the Wii. Also red steel being a good game will only bring more new gamers to it that can not afford HD systems making the Wii the only game in town.

SinnedNogara3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

No hype?? DUMBEST COMMENT EVER (worse than leaf117)

Well, I won't judge this game by the rating until I get my issue. It is one month before the release, so why are reviews coming in already??

Well, a 8 is still a good score. Anything above a 7 is a good game in my book.

@ dogmeat eater

So Halo 3 and Killzone 2 aren't generic??

The thing is with fanboys, when they attack one system because of "GENERIC" games, they forget to mention the 100 generic games on their system. The game has a conspiracy-laden plot, many different weapons, the All-Seeing Eye device, and a unique way of storytelling. Let's compare it to Halo 3.

Generic Weapons
Generic Gameplay (you can't even sprint!!)
Generic Plot (The Covenant has attacked!!! Get the super-soldier).

But the game has recieved numerous GOTY awards. Don't tell me that even though it is generic, it is a bad thing.

Mini Mario3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

"No one cares about this game, let's be honest. It is going to be bigger flop than mad world."

Its funny how the so called .."hardcore" ....*cough*....complain there are no "hardcore" games on the wii yet when games like madworld and the conduit get released all you can do is bag them out. Without even playing them!


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Sangria3438d ago

It's not really hard to fake.

ChickeyCantor3438d ago

hahaha lol

Maybe i should photoshop a review....O boy the chaos between 360 and PS3 fans will be epic. =D

( no seriously though its pretty sad xD)

raztad3438d ago

What is the purpose of a faked review? I dont get it at all. Unless someone is desperately needing the game to flop, I dont see the point.

SinnedNogara3438d ago

Exactly. The person is another Xbox fanboy (or Sony fanboy, doubt it though because they sometimes behave...sometimes) who wants a game to flop on the Wii to make it look bad. The person who posted the fake review needs to get a girlfriend or something (or a spanking, they both work).

knox3438d ago

i bet you this is fake.

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