inFAMOUS Stream now LIVE

Someone got copy early and now is playing on justin TV.

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ukilnme3440d ago

That looks fun as hell. I'm really sold now.

-EvoAnubis-3440d ago

When I'll be playing it soon enough? The last thing I need are spoilers.

raztad3440d ago

TOTALLY true. Not way Im going to spoil myself looking at someone else to play this baby :D

TOO PAWNED3440d ago

Do people really waste their life that much that they watch this type of crap?
I am going to play Infamous for my self why would i want to waste hours watching some dude play it instead?

ReaperXL73440d ago

Sometimes Justin TV can be good if your undecided on a game, I for instance did not choose to pick up sacred 2 till i watched someone play it for awhile.

ultimolu3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Raaaaawr, a local store around my neighborhood had the game early and I had no monies at the time to buy it. D:

I shall buy Tuesday. This game is incredible-played the demo last night.