New BioShock Video

A short clip from the upcoming BioShock.

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IPlayGames4277d ago

Its like a next-gen psyops

no_more_heroes4277d ago

xbox360 and PC. No ps3 version as YET(have to add that YET in now)

Figboy4277d ago

i can't wait to get my hands on this game.

i'm picking it up for my PS3, though (i don't have a 360, and won't be in the market to get one for at least another year).

T-Virus4277d ago

It's not been announced for th3 PS3 yet I'm afraid.

PureGamer4277d ago

oh is that on the same grounds of capcom saying that DMC 4 is not coming to the 360? yes i think it is.

Captain Tuttle4277d ago

But you'll have to wait for it, just like Oblivion, RB6 and all the others.

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