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I know this may sound weird, but I have been waiting for that big budget, "holy-cow" barn burner of a title for the PS3 for a while. Oh sure, fans may clamor that Metal Gear Solid came out not too long ago, or that GTA 4 was a biggie, but in my opinion, GTA doesn't count cause it came out for the 360 and Metal Gear was somewhat of a disappointment for me. Yes, I know Killzone 2 was a pretty good game as was Little Big Planet (don't be sending me any hate mail) but I'm talking a big time action title that blows the doors off. My point is, that game is here.

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TheColbertinator3440d ago

The demo was ok.I might get it

lokiroo4203440d ago

Youre show is only ok also, so why not play where you live.

TheColbertinator3440d ago

I'm not into superhero games because they get boring real fast.Maybe Prototype will get my full attention

chaosatom3440d ago

Prototype isn't going to be any more exciting.

It's being made by people who made hulk.

thebudgetgamer3440d ago

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - Gameplay

ProtoType gameplay


talltony3440d ago

Its not his fault that he likes games that play exactly like the incredible hulk games. No depth and smash everything is ok in his book I guess cause that is exactly what prototype is.

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MURKERR3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

most 'holy cow' graphically impressive console game to date

anyway good score

mastiffchild3440d ago

You say Killzone but if he likes purer action games rather than FPS then did he think Uncharted was crap? Still the best action/adventure/blockbuster style romp game this gen for me and if inFAMOUS can best it I'll be chuffed to bits.

Good points and a well written review apart from the guy not knowing his older PS3 onions so I'll forgive this time! Hoping Prototype, in it's very different way, is equally good then it'll be a good summer abusing lour powers.

MURKERR3440d ago

your ps3 to a true 1080p HD television,put on kz2 and you will be saying holy cow

50CALheadshot3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

alot of people are still playing on crts or cheap lcds.step your game up people.

most people dont know about motionflow, 48 bit deep color, rgb unlimited.
Or that hdmi 1.3 is double the bandwidth(10.2Gb) or that “xvYCC” color space supports 1.8 times as many colors as existing HDTV signals. Due to this increase in data bandwidth displays go from producing millions of colors to billions of colors.aka MUCH CLEARER AUDIO AND VIDEO

I know most people know about 1080p but what about 1080/24p?dtshd?Dolby TrueHD? masteraudio hd?


LOL. thats why i die laughing when people say 360 and ps3 are equal.

its also y i stopped going to gametrailers. theyt make ps3 games look like ps2 games. In my house they look like blockbuster movies with hollywood style production values.

ontopic: im really getting into the demo. MUST BUY

i_like_ff73440d ago

1.2 Killzone 2 runs native 720p. Upscaling to 1080p would look worse.

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xXbebofisherXx3440d ago

i have a kdlz4100 hooked up with a monster 1000 series hdmi checked KZ2 out in both game mode and in motion enhancer and fallout 3 looked much better than KZ2. h3ll valkyria chronicles looked better than half of ps3's library. 720p 30fps title upconverted to 1080p 120hz display looks like barf. kinda like trying to upconvert vhs to blu ray with no equipment.

on topic. inFAMOUS IMO was the game i really looked forward to this year for the ps3. but until i saw the review on gametrailers i was like wow super slow gameplay. tried the demo not even 5 minutes ago, definatly a buy when it hits the super gamestop sale for 29.99 like they do every may. i wanted it to be something super mega fantastic and i was rather let down. will i eventually pick it up of course no doubt its fun but dulled me to sleep after half an hour. hope prototype isnt the same way cuz thats my back up title if this one failed to impress me

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Ninjamonkey3440d ago

cannot wait to pick this up. GTA4 was ok but its was all too much the same.

Finally weve got an open world game thats a bit different, great quality and with a great way of travelling around =D

ptotoy3440d ago

i guess eurogaymer 's buttbuddy, edge, is rewriting it's 6/10 review at the moment, changing it to a 7, so that they won't look like fools

Ravage273440d ago

Wow o.0 what's the name of that site that badmouthed the GFX again? I might punch that reviewer's face if i ever get to see him...he could have mislead many uninformed ppl into thinking that the gfx was actually mediocre zzzz.
For a SANDBOX game, inFamous is definitely the prettiest game out there right now IMO. The textures, lighting and animations are amazing!! It only did it exceed my graphical expectations, the demo showed me it also has amazing gameplay and controls. The overall atmosphere is very immersive, this is a game with SOUL :)
if i have to nitpick, i'll probably comment on its depth. Not saying it is a shallow game, but i kind of wish every power has a branching upgrade path. Oh well there's always room for a sequel lol

40cal3440d ago

Cole has some the best animations around, and yes the game is gorgeous.

I don't know why there was ever any doubt about that.

na2ru13440d ago

I can't believe it. I loved the demo. I loved how the freedom of free roam felt so fulfilling.

Can't wait for it next week.

themyk3440d ago

you can upgrade each power 3 times. I think.

50CALheadshot3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

thats actually pretty funny.


the game is effin awesome.



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