Fahrenheit 2 is not coming

In contrast to previous reports it is now clear that there will not be a successor of Fahrenheit. The developer says that the story has ended and they are focusing on other projects like Heavy Rain.

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Jockamo3462d ago

I loved Indigo Prophecy.

KitsuneNL3462d ago

I Liked the game, but Heavy Rain will also be nice

xino3462d ago

Indigo 2!?

what the hell?!

Bring Omikron 2 man!

jBat173461d ago

heavy rain is only possible on the ps3 - check out his interview in the ps3 blog.. not just becuase of the hardware specs but also because of the target audience.. this game is for the artistic/cerebral gamers, which does not exist in the xbots lot.

KitsuneNL3461d ago

You got a point there ;) but I think the game is possible on the 360 ;)