GTA Fans Petition For Xbox Live

So another day another petion. Here's a new petition for GTA to be released ove Xbox Live. Any takers?

Hit jump.

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Caxtus7504316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

sounds good :)but not sure what all the reporting on petitions is all about all of a sudden.... :P

I personally would like to see some newer games on arcade. 3D styled games like Goldeneye 64 and Tomb Raider etc.

InMyOpinion4316d ago

I would personally like to see some new and more innovative games. It started good with Marble Blast Ultra, Wik etc. I really enjoyed Assault Heroes as well but I'd like to see some bigger and more engaging games. I hope that's what to expect since they raised the Mb limit. MS answer to Little Big Planet?

gogators4316d ago

yesterday for Bioshock to get a Collector's Edition. 2k came out and said that if they got 5000 signatures that they would do it. 14000 signatures were collected in 24 hours and 2k is now asking gamers for what they would like in that Collector's Edition. I would assume now gamers are taking it GTA IV, to see if 2k is still listening.

grifter0244316d ago

hehe Maybe someone should star t a Petition for 2k to take on EA and make a better game then Madden since they have been slacking as of late... Nice for 2k to listen to the Fan's of the game.. I mean it actually makes the game more appealable to a vast majority ... Hopefully some other dev's can take a cue from these guy's and dont stray to far from the Fan base in their games.

highps34316d ago

Out of all games i rather have this on a disc... Whatever though...

Ps3 has already gotten downloadable games. Pretty cool as long as they arent to big. A lot easier selecting a game from XMB then getting up to change discs everytime...

Xi4316d ago

if you just clicked the link you'd realsize how stupid your comment is. They're talking about gta 1, the first gta, the top/birds eye view one.

JustCallMeDaddy4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Where is the "jump" button/tab?