180° :Kojima's secret game, more hints? (Major Update with Images)

There has been a post on a Magazine called "Playstation World" telling gamers what their next issue will consist, and what it says is:

"Hideo Kojima's Next Game", the picture shows an unknown character, doesnt look like Snake nor Raiden, this is very interesting.

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snipermk03436d ago

This is like hitting your "stuff" with a stick while having an erection.

Microsoft Xbox 3603436d ago

There goes the rumors of Kojima's next game being 360 exclusive. :)

PS3 confirmed.

Xandet3436d ago

Yep.. PSP or PS3 definitely confirmed (hopefully the latter). :)

morganfell3436d ago

There is another common sense reason to say this is a Sony title. After the release of MGS4 and some time thereafter Kojima was adamant that he had not yet decided what project on which to focus.

I happen to beleive him as that is the sort of person he has demonstrated himself to be.

That said, for his team to have a project up and running so rapidly can only mean that they are using an already structured engine running on the platform for which it was designed. A version of the MGS4 engine on the PS3.

PLASTICA-MAN3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

an assassin with the knife on his back, can this be the claimed Assassin Solid? and for the g and s shown on the teaser site, the next time it will be updated with m trust me ;) with the E & 3 style but inverted! M G S baby !!!

Update: "S- can stand for Sony"
S- WILL stand for Station
3- WILL stand for 3
P(the next letter update)- WILL stand for Play
PS3- WILL stand for PLAYSTATION 3 baby yeah !!!

PS:Joke away I think it is a '5' and not an 'S' ! MGS5 baby yeah, only on PS3 of course !!!

lloyd_wonder3436d ago

Hideo Kojimas next game is on PlayStation. That's all I need to know.

mastiffchild3436d ago

Yeah, it would seem HIS next game is going to be on PS3, prolly not exclusively but at least nhis main fanbase look to be getting the mans wares again.

However, the next MG isn't really Kojimas is it? I thought he was going to oversee rather than be a hands on director as they will get someone to do that job under his guidance-there could well be two reveals-one about Koj and his bext game(he wanted to make a shooter didn't he? Western style?)and another from Konami about MG5 with info on the director and what Koj will contribute?

Again, though, I can't see either being exclusive to any platform but who knows cloould be a ZOE PS3 exclusive for all we know. I'm only guessing from interviews he did just prior to MGS4 release so those projects could be well on now.

Microsoft Xbox 3603436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Bu..bu.bu..but I though it was a 360 exclusive like you xbots seem to think? LOL.

-1 for the 360 camp again.

Shadow Man3436d ago

but it could be multiplat

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The story is too old to be commented.