Nidzumi: inFamous Review: Defying Expectations

Nidzumi writes: There are a handful of games that fire off my quote unquote, scepticism alarm. It's really anything with an unproven track record that a feature of 'new open-world experience' along with the square meters of the game. Another theme is superhero games because simply they don't feel right. In early 2007 Realtime Worlds' Crackdown was released to great critical acclaim despite encompassing both of these and by doing a great job of doing so. So I have no idea why I was sceptical about jumping into the Playstation 3 exclusive inFamous because again, like Crackdown, I was incredibly shocked and impressed...

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Ravage273434d ago

Wow o.0 what's the name of that site that badmouthed the GFX again? I might punch that reviewer's face if i ever get to see him...he could have mislead many uninformed ppl into thinking that the gfx was actually mediocre zzzz.
For a SANDBOX game, inFamous is definitely the prettiest game out there right now IMO. The textures, lighting and animations are amazing!! It only did it exceed my graphical expectations, the demo showed me it also has amazing gameplay and controls. The overall atmosphere is very immersive, this is a game with SOUL :)
if i have to nitpick, i'll probably comment on its depth. Not saying it is a shallow game, but i kind of wish every power has a branching upgrade path. Oh well there's always room for a sequel lol