How will retail handle the new PSP?

Respect gaming business/trading news website, MCV UK seems to confirm all the rumours of the PSP Go!

"UK outlets debate merits of download-centric redesign; New model will be announced at E3 early next month"

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jakinov3531d ago

should be Respected not Respect

-x.Red.x-3531d ago

i really didn't see it!


Elimin83531d ago

Well you did... btw so did I.

TheColbertinator3531d ago

I don't feel to confident on the PSP GO.It just seems to be rushed with no intention of real support from Sony

D4RkNIKON3531d ago

I hope you are wrong, but I bet you do too.. Nice avatar btw!

DARKDRAGON2543531d ago

please explain how you know this is rushed? do you know how long they worked on it? better yet, we dont even know if it exist and what it really is. wait until there is something announced before commenting on its merits

TheColbertinator3531d ago

Its pretty much confirmed that PSP Go will show up.1up,MCVUK,Kotaku,and Sev from PS Lifestyle all confirm it.I'm just hoping for the second analog stick

D4RkNIKON3531d ago

I would shed a tear of joy if they add the second analog stick!!! They are worried about segregating the PSP community because the new control scheme would not work on the older models. IMHO who cares? Call it a Next Gen PSP. The single analog stick holds gameplay back soooo badly. They need to stop thinking about things like that and start making the best hardware device they can possibly deliver.

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PirateThom3531d ago

Retail will probably sell download cards, like Patapon 2, along side the games.

BattleAxe3531d ago

I'm not sure that people will equate a purchase code in a case with the same value as a UMD in a case. I think its a bad idea.

I hope that Sony is kind enough to release a UMD add-on or adaptor so people can play their UMD games on the new PSP.

Sev3531d ago

There will be a PSP Go at E3. I have seen it.

D4RkNIKON3531d ago

Nice! I hope it really steps things up, and strikes a strong competition with the iphone. Not so much the touch aspect, but I would like to see a psp phone strictly for 3g internet on the psp. Wifi hotspots are so lame. That is why I don't own an ipod touch, only hotspot internet access.

-x.Red.x-3531d ago

you'll think it will be cheaper then the current psp?

D4RkNIKON3531d ago

"you'll think it will be cheaper then the current psp?"

No, why would it be? It will most likely retail for $199 bundled with some game, and the current models will get a price cut. I would gladly pay, $299 if it had 3G internet, two analog sticks, decent built in HDD and bluetooth for pairing with other wireless devices including headsets.

hotrider123531d ago

I dont this will catch on to well. not everyone has high speed internet even if they did would not know how to download

D4RkNIKON3531d ago

If it turns out to be the long rumored PSPphone, and has 3g internet.. It would not only help with that problem, but I would have to buy it DAY ONE!

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