Techradar: Don't fall for PS3 virus alerts

Security expert Chris Boyd on the panic sweeping the console world: "A few days ago, I received a call from a friend in a bit of a state of distress - all I could get out of him was that his PlayStation 3 was "infected with a virus" and he couldn't get rid of the warning the console kept throwing at him..."

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Mu5afir4070d ago

The PS3 can not be hacked from the outside, since its a closed system. And it can not get a virus, since the coding is based on LINUX. And hacking linux is idiotic. Besides, you can't make good drones out of PS3 boxes, as they are not online long enough.

FreestyleBarnacle4070d ago

Wait a minute, there's panic? Well in that case. Ahem
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THE [what's coming?]
[you're serious?]
Sorry folks, nothig to see here. Get your coats and go away.

Christopher4070d ago

I've yet to encounter a scam of that level. Sure, I've gotten the usual pop-up window (not javascript alert box) that says my system needs to be scanned or I have a virus. But a whole site with a background image of a computer directory structure and a javascript alert?

The best way to prevent yourself is to use common sense, people. Stop going to trash Web sites. Heck, even if you're looking for porn, there are more than enough reputable Web sites out there to use, you don't need to go to some weird named site just to try and hide your addiction to the naked skin.

Johnny Rotten4070d ago

Wow was this his first day surfing the nudy sites?

Go ahead surf all you want just stay away from the "hot animal on animal action"... that's just weird.