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inFamous is a masterclass in what it takes to deliver a classic gaming experience. The latest PS3-exclusive breaks no new ground – at least in terms of gameplay – but it's an exceptional title in its own right and makes a convincing argument that sometimes a game doesn't have to be a revolutionary, artistic landmark in order to deliver a knockout blow.

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Karum3437d ago

Another very positive review.

Man I want this game now lol, can't stop playing the demo!

xg-ei8ht3437d ago

I'm still playing the demo. Awesome game.

and for me breaks new ground.

Physics are brilliant, some of the best i've seen, explosions and amount going on, more then any other game. Fx are so sweet. Lighting system is very nice.

People are trying to compare to GTA4, they are so different in their execution. While in gta4 you have more view of the city, it's textures are nowhere as good as Infamous, i'd also say the lighting is better in infamous. One of the things i love most about infamous is how fluid the running,jumping,climbing,shoot ing is. Feels so complete, And running in 720p full of fx and smooth as butter. It's certainly is a showcase.

I'll say this.

If you love open world type games, gta,crackdown etc. games of that nature, you'll love this game. Makes you feel powerful, rofl.

Now i'm only playing the demo and hopefully the full game looks,runs, and hopefully the story is good as well.

If you don't have a PS3 and love these games, i strongly urge you to buy one.

Myst3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Great thing is that if your in Europe their is supposed to be an infamous bundle as well as a Ratchet and Clank one.

So for those who don't have one already they can get the system and even the game all in one go.

Ravage273437d ago

Wow o.0 what's the name of that site that badmouthed the GFX again? I might punch that reviewer's face if i ever get to see him...he could have mislead many uninformed ppl into thinking that the gfx was actually mediocre zzzz.
For a SANDBOX game, inFamous is definitely the prettiest game out there right now IMO. The textures, lighting and animations are amazing!! It only did it exceed my graphical expectations, the demo showed me it also has amazing gameplay and controls. The overall atmosphere is very immersive, this is a game with SOUL :)
if i have to nitpick, i'll probably comment on its depth. Not saying it is a shallow game, but i kind of wish every power has a branching upgrade path. Oh well there's always room for a sequel lol