The most realistic zombie video game, by Derren Brown

British mentalist Derren Browns creates the ultimate zombie arcade video game by secretly hypnotising a gamer through the game itself...

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Hellsvacancy3463d ago

Im from the Uk and watchd the live show like 2 years ago - but i guess many of u havnt

lipper3463d ago

me & me mates have never seen or even heard of the hipnotist !

Sarick3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Never heard of Mr Brown.

He's known for buying stuff like diamond rings at expensive jewelers with paper.

Taking losing dog race tickets and getting payouts for winning.

Making people change their most wanted items to what he has as a gift even after they've written down something else. They end up thinking it's what they wanted and can't believe they wrote the other item down.

Playing 9 international chess champions at once losing winning a few losing a few and a few draws I believe. He played their moves ageist each other lol.

Very cool well known guy.

Sarick3461d ago

I bet the guy thought he was in twilight zone for a few. No wonder he thought it was LOL.