Rebuilding Rapture: Choices And BioShock 2

The original Ken Levine-created BioShock had high expectations, but even greater success than anyone expected -- it was a mainstream hit, and welcomed a huge number of gamers, including shooter fans, RPG enthusiasts, and gamers who play for the narrative. How to reconcile all of those audiences while building the sequel is one of the major issues the team working on BioShock 2 at 2K Marin -- the team's first title -- is tackling.

Building a sequel to a beloved game is a delicate enterprise -- moreso when you do it with a whole new studio. Alyssa Finley, executive producer at 2K Marin, may have worked on the original BioShock, but she's among the minority working on its sequel.

Here, Finley, along with series newcomer and lead designer Zak McClendon, lay out the thinking behind building the sequel to BioShock, showing what's required when approaching a property so many people fell in love with.

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