New iPhone Specs Start to Firm Up

Things seem to be slowly coming together... Today sees the latest - yet most credible - addition to the new iPhone rumours having seen T-Mobile Austria (the country's official supplier) 'accidentally' post a placeholder for "iPhone 32GB NEW" (now removed). Seems rather a giveaway that. Combine this with an 'End of Life' email sent out to Vodafone Australia staff this week listing the iPhone 16GB and everything is snowballing rather nicely ahead of WWDC 2009.

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talltony4059d ago

Dont buy the iphone until apples next conference because I think they are looking to make a significant upgrade from todays iphone for the same price.

kenmid4058d ago

they are talking about the next iphone if this article. read the story.

NovusTerminus4058d ago

Do you happen to know when the conference would be? I am looking into getting one, but not wanting to buy it and see this announced a day later.

kevnb4058d ago

those specs look better than anything else out right now.

LeeZer4058d ago

that comment i fail to agree with. I've got a samsung omnia 16gb and a ipod touch. I got the omnia day one in the UK fee on a 12 month vodafone contract. it smashes the ipod with a good 5mp camera and a second 1.3mp camera on the front. the camera has tones of settings ,effects and modes. each being more than my digital camera. the video is more than good enought for youtube or watch on my 24" monitor. the touch screen isn't quite as good as the ipods dual touch nd you can't get as many apps by any means but saying that once you've bought about 20 apps of the app store the rest seem to lack quality and you stop using them. i'm more than happy carrying both around with me as thier rather slim and rather unheavy. the ipod touch was £120 extra speacial deal and the omnia was free witha great tarrif so i've saved about 70% on if i'd purchase the iphone instaed of touch and omnia. i may gert the next iphone once my contract is over but i'm in no rush as the spec doesn't wow me. a 7 or 8mp with more app friendly app would have been a clintcher thogh.

maverick11914058d ago

if thats what it looks like (doubt it really) it looks hot