NiGHTS Wii First Screens

A Portuguese magazine has revealed the first look at NiGHTS for the Wii.

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grifter0245416d ago

This game was awesome on Saturn.. Cant wait I might even buy a Wii for this dang game.... It was that awesome..

BubblesDAVERAGE5416d ago

I hated this game and it sucked donkey balls

grifter0245416d ago

Hey you punk thanks you didnt need to comment if you hated this game I dont even know why you came in here in the first place ... Funny some people are pathetic .. an I guess I found 1... Good job you have lost total respect from me Good job with those donkey balls you seem to be talking from experience.. :)

marionz5416d ago

yep i loved this game too! it was the best game on saturn and a remake would be awesome!

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