Joystiq hands-on: two hours with Prototype

Joystiq: Soon, Prototype will be shipping to stores for its June 9 launch, exactly one week after E3 kicks off. So how did Activision and Radical Entertainment decide to spend the intervening weeks between finishing and launching the game? By having a press event at the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas, where one of the bars was done over in Prototype fashion: think New York covered in trash (including rats and crows), faux battle damage, zombie-fied go-go girls, dense fog, and even a model helicopter overhead.

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Nambassa3436d ago

damn i'm torn between inFamous and Prototype! which should i get??

ukilnme3436d ago

Get both. I was going to pass on both at first but Infamous has me sold now. The same may happen with Prototype.

Christopher3436d ago

The end of one paragraph: "Some missions require stealth and disguise, and at one point we had to enter a locked down medical facility disguised as a military officer: there was no other way in."

The second line of the next paragraph: "One thing we noticed is that you can approach missions in entirely different ways. Case in point: we had to get an agent to exit an armored personnel carrier so we could consume him and use him as a disguise. One option was to find a rocket launcher and attack the APC, causing the agent to flee on foot, or you could consume a guard and issue an "all clear" order over the radio, letting the agent know it's safe to come out. Rockets attract a bunch of attention, so we went the radio route."

Wait, which is it?

I'm still on the fence with Prototype. I think I might just wait on getting it since I have inFamous and some game deals I just bought to play until Batman comes out in September.

Nambassa3436d ago

lol good point i probably will get infamous instead i loved the demo

The Captain3436d ago

I am getting prototype instead of Infamous... Read all the previews that came out today and yesterday. They are totally loving this game and are impressed that there is no slow down.

I cannot wait.... PS3 version for me...

BubbleSystemSuck3436d ago

I am getting BOTH.. i dont know why is "INFAMOUS or PROTOTYPE"

lloyd_wonder3436d ago

Getting inFamous. Prototype looks lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.