Accessible Provocation

Adam Saltsman @ Gamasutra: "There is a fundamental catch-22 when an artist in any entertainment industry decides to create something intended to provoke thought. Generally speaking, the more thoughtful, esoteric, abstract, or emotional the work is, the less accessible or palatable it is to the mainstream. I don't mean this in a haughty, condescending "the public simply is not ready for our works of genius" sort of way. I just mean people are people; at the end of the work week, There Will Be Blood or Chinatown or Hotel Rwanda just hit too hard on too many cylinders. They're too serious. They're important, and they're powerful, and they're impressive on so many levels. But they are not as accessible or appealing as the new Judd Apatow flick.

Well, so what? 90% of everything is crap, and that includes the mass market consumers of the various arts, right? Unfortunately, a piece of artwork can't have any effect on the people that rejected it out of hand merely for being serious."

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