Modern Warfare 2 360, PS3 & PC Cover Artwork Released

As the hype gathers pace for what will hopefully be a grand presence at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month, Modern Warfare 2 is receiving news updates and commentary almost daily, but the revelation of cover artwork clearly demonstrates Activision's need to reassure the mainstream gaming audience that Modern Warfare 2 is the next Call of Duty release, in all but name.

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Irish-Republican3463d ago

it says box art not final in each cover picture

kevco333463d ago

So, nobody's actually reading the story then? Good to see nothing changes...

ravinash3463d ago

I think these days people on here are a bit wary about giving sites hits.

Blaze9293463d ago

Well seeing as the big blue link says View Images >> and the title says Cover Artwork released...i doubt "reading" is anything anyone would be caring about for this.

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Rhezin3463d ago

they should keep the cool design title, but ditch the background. Little to similar to MW cover.