Vietnam's first gaming rehab clinic hailed as success

Vietnam's first gaming rehab course has been hailed as a success, with 80% of class members giving up their gaming addiction. The course launched in late November, last year, and took on 40 youngsters aged 13-18.

Emerging from the 8-week program, one client claimed they had gone from playing games all day to using the internet for only an hour a week.

Before attending the course, held by the Southern Teenage Centre, he would skip school in order to play games at internet cafés. Now he has more time for his school friends and family.

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-x.Red.x-3531d ago

it's not THAT hard to turn off the computer/vg console...

damn watch game "rehabs" come to the states and take our tax money...

Candlestickmaker3531d ago

Well, these parents seem to be facing a lot of resistance to just turning off the game. The kids are apparently skipping school to play in internet cafes, stealing money to fund their habits, and threatening suicide if their parents try to stop them playing.

I totally buy that there's a level of addiction to gaming that requires an intervention such as this.