Elveon Developer Talkes Unreal

Slavo HazuchaWhether you think that J.R.R. Tolkien's intellectual properties are the works of moralising, upper class nostalgia freak, or the idea and words of a farsighted, wordsmith genius, you can't deny that all things Rings are still capturing the imagination.

Outside of the LOTR movies and games, there are other developments that use the Tolkienian canon to move videogaming along. One of these is Elveon from 10Tackle Studios Bratislava (Slovakia) studios.

Spong recently interrupted 10Tackle, Slavo Hazucha (Managing Director and Creative Director – Slovakia) in mid-development to ask him how the game was going, and what more we can expect…

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THWIP4279d ago

This, and Project Offset are 2 of my most anticipated 360 titles....and neither gets much press (especially in the past several months), or has released much info.