Iwata: We'll release new hardware when "we find a very interesting idea"

VG247 Writes:
When will Wii 2 happen? When it's "interesting" enough, apparently.

"We do not think that Nintendo DS and Wii will last forever. Our internal hardware teams are always researching and working on new hardware so that we can launch them whenever we find a very interesting idea," said Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, speaking in a recent investor call.

"You may not be able to believe this, but even when Nintendo has completed a hardware, it does not mean that we will surely launch it," he added.

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N4g_null4071d ago


Ram prices are falling, new chips are coming, ati is really quite right now also. Nintendo has used some of the most exotic stuff on the market, yet have failed to capture the graphic edge for a few gens art wise. I think that was more of a 3rd party thing yet nintendo has always been better at 2d.

Hardware is a very interesting thing right about now. Had the PS3 just had a little more ram than the 360 it would own the crown in HD. I don't think any one is afraid of MS next gen because they have already stalled out this gen. Their 1st party just is not strong enough unless MS buys epic.

I think we will see a new nintendo system and it's going to be pretty crazy because it may need more AI power than graphics. Hey we will see what happens though.

Also I wonder how people would feel with media options like 32 gig sd cards, optical disk combos for shipping games. Nintendo may go for a large disk system when they truly start using z brush also.

Be sure to watch out for what IBM, intel, ati, nvidia all announce in the coming year. The up coming GpCPU war is going to be interesting.

With motion+ coming it's very possible that the internet hardcore could be coming back to the fold. This could help push them to release another system faster but we will see what HVS has been able to do first and if nintendo can get an engine this good for their own games.

It all comes down to the code though and if it is fun.

FinalomegaS4071d ago

well said,but you did speculate a lot there on the next system hardware. You know we all want to see the next round what each player brings to the table and we all love new up coming info like that.

Honestly I would love it if they gave into the dark side and gave us a stronger online to meet friends so long as the end user that owns the system registers his date of birth or some sort of age check so we can not worry about the kids and the predators issue. FC FTL

Sorry I would like to just see their online win for once, they have had some epic fail like PSO on cube ( only real online game) and then the FC on wii ... at least you can email the wii ( that's 1UP the wii has on the 360) and you can even email pics from sources like yahoo to wii, which is cool.

So I can see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Let's see how MH3 online is...

SpoonyRedMage4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Sadly I think FCs will stay for the next gen but hopefully it will be one FC per system, not game. I'd also like to see a more universal online system rathe rthan having some games with excellent online and then some with pathetic online.

EDIT: If you want to see the potential of the Wii/DS's online check out Echoes of Time, it has some integrated features that really make it shine(like ingame friend requests) but it also shows that there's a lot of room for improvement.

FinalomegaS4071d ago

you're right, and noted I'll check the FF:EOT. I am curious to see this in action.

N4g_null4070d ago

Just to let you guys know what I'm hearing and seeing....

Larrabee, Direct X 11, getting the cell console idea right and making it Wii prices at launch are very important.

Larrabee is the crazies part of this all. It is strange enough to get nintendo excited. Yet ATI may have an answer for that. Larrabee is said to use a software based GPU class render which means it has the power to render as fast as a real GPU which was the goal of the cell. On top of this the complier can vector all of your code and their isn't really a need to make your UT3 engine game look like every one elses because you an control how it renders. It's almost like render man for live action gaming.

Nintendo loves stuff like this and it's pretty close to an on the chip solution which always goes down with time due to volume. Nintendo has the very expensive 1t-sram in the Wii right now and they where the first to use rambus and even silicon graphic for the N64, the only problem they know true console gamers will not buy over price systems only older gamers do.

I don't know I'm pretty excite and await the tool upgrades coming in august from various people. This is good news for SONY also they had the right idea but did not have the know how or capital, intel does.

If you think the cell was complicated wait till you hear about the Larrabee chip yet their is a difference we will be able to tap most of it's potiential at day one because of kick a$$ compilers and a truly flexible system.

Nintendo loves top of the line yet are frugal. The tech industry will be hungry and ready with bargains next gen a WiiHD will come but it will be a next gen system and it may be dual core or more but what is more important it will be even easier to program.

I expect the Wii to end up in the next DS or hand held next gen also. There is a lot know about the tech around the corner and lots of people talking but you can't believe any of it till production starts. Many heard about the dual core Wiis and what not and I'm sure they even made these system but don't ever expect to see them because that's what R&D does.

The main problem is consumers just can't afford every thing developer want in a console. At the end of the day we have to be able to get our games to the consumer and not such the elite. 6,000+ game industry employees now understand why, sadly....

pain777pas4070d ago

MS would try to buy Epic however I think that Cliff Belinski wants to design games and become a pioneer in what a 3rd party can do as far as engine distribution. To become M$ Gears factory would not be enticing to me when money hasn't been an object for them as they are now. What if the next game from them is a rival to Rachet and Clank as he stated he wants to make a childrens game which is hard to do as a grown up? Hideo should take the challenge and Miyamoto should make a mature Zelda type game and show everyone how its done.

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ForROME4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I got a an Idea, they came out with this really cool thing

Its called.........HD, its neat, very clear and sharp and only req one cable, an HDMI and most people are ready for it, new idea eh? =p

sloth33954071d ago

graphics dont make the game fun its the gameplay that makes it fun

LeonSKennedy4Life4070d ago

For the most part...

...but they definitely factor into the immersion.

Also, the Wii can't do trillions of calculations per second. That's a pretty important thing if you want to make a good game these days. Imagine Bioshock or Crysis on the Wii. It couldn't handle the physics. The atmosphere would be lost.

TheColbertinator4071d ago

Dosn't matter.They could sell me another 16-bit system as long as it has Metroid,Mario and Zelda.

SpoonyRedMage4071d ago

Funnily enough I'm listening to the 8-bit remix of The Legend of Zelda theme on PiCOPiCT.

YeOldeGamer4071d ago

So why exactly did you release the Wii?

Bah-Dum-Chhhhhh! :D

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