Crystal Defenders R2 Launches On WiiWare

Crystal Defenders R2 launches today in Europe, after a relatively successful launch in North America a few days previously. The game is now available worldwide for download via Nintendo's WiiWare service, on the Nintendo Wii.

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Kyll3434d ago

*blows dust of Wii, chips off mold, goes on manhunt for controls and cables*

Selyah3434d ago

Sadly I end up doing the same most of the time >< it does sound like this might be one of those moments though.

mephman3434d ago

Haha, maybe. I'm not so sure though.

ShawnCollier3434d ago

Not much of a fan of these types of games, but people who enjoy them should like it.

mephman3434d ago

How can you not like Tower Defence? :P

METtAL-GAMER3434d ago

Awesome avatar man.
I should watch that movie again.

Waynes world
Waynes world
Party time

mephman3434d ago

It's all about the Garth. ;)