PSP Firmware 2.5 & 2.6 Hacked

It looks like the PSP firmware is hacked at the same rate as it is being upgraded. A developer known as hitchhikr of "hitchhikr SoftWorks" and the Neural group have come up with a Proof of Concept of a 2.50/2.60 Firmware Exploit.

The exploit takes advantage of an added security check in 2.50/2.60 Firmware for sceKernelLoadExec, which is responsible for loading EBOOTs. Somehow, Sony also accidentally added an overflow bug, which means this exploit will not work with 2.0 and 2.01 Firmware.

Once implemented and tuned for "normal users", this will bring 2.50 and 2.60 Firmware up to the same homebrew capability as that for 1.50, with full kernel mode access. As it was the case with eLoader, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will still be required.

Fanjita, the developer of eLoader, is already working with hitchhikr on incorporating this new exploit into an easily executable means by eLoader means. Fanjita promised that a generic application for developers will be available in a short time. However, something usable for non-devs will require much more time to finish.

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amrasmord6532d ago

im one of those guys who updates their psp the day the update becomes available. even though, this is pretty cool. sonys never gonna be able stop these freakin hackers :P


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars Added to Games Included With GTA+

Beginning today, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are now available for GTA+ Members to play on compatible iOS and Android devices.

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TheColbertinator210d ago

Sweet. I loved Liberty City Stories despite the city being empty. Those main story missions were tough but fun.

Number1TailzFan210d ago

Both Stories games were far better than GTA 3 IMO, VCS being the best and most enjoyable though.


Rockstar, please stop overlooking Grand Theft Auto’s other classic games

There's far more to GTA's heritage than the same three games every time.

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Fntastic951d ago

The stories games were really fun, better than GTA 3.

Fluke_Skywalker951d ago

Vice City Stories is actually my favourite GTA by far. Just a great story and the best soundtrack of all the games. Especially VCPR radio station, some of those shows were absolute comedy genius.

Fntastic951d ago

Yeah the humour was at least up there with VC even in the cutscenes, and as you said great music also.

Ezio2048951d ago

Remaster Gta IV with 4k resolution and 60fps

Profchaos951d ago

Man I'd love that game updated in today's rate engine. Even on PC to this day the frame rate is tied with some gameplay mechanics press space bar to climb onto a truck or back into the chopper during the final chase is impossible because the game running above 30 fps ties the speed you need to press space in with the frame rate so 60 to some 230ps capable monitors mean you need to be the flash to complete it and that bug persists to this day even after rockstar re released the complete edition on PC last year.

MadLad951d ago

It's sad just how crap that port was.

The fact they got away with that and never fixed it is ridiculous. It's borderline unplayable on many rigs.

Profchaos951d ago

It's a huge disappointment that in 2021 still the only legal way to play VCS is via PSP, PS2 disc or PSV / PS3 backwards compatibility.

Despite re released of the mainline games GTA 3 vc Sa on android and iOS even LCS got an iOS port we can't play VCS anywhere on a modern system.

MadLad951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Bioware is a shell of its former self. Blizzard is imploding. Rockstar turned into one of the biggest shill companies in gaming and barely ever release games.

This is why I'm tuning more and more to indies and AA studios almost entirely when it comes to what I'm playing.

Speaking of, I've been pretty hooked on a little known Roguelike action platformer called Fury Unleased. Games addicting, and can typically be had for dirt cheap, apparently. Also has online co-ol It even has a workshop where people contributed a lot of awesome/hilarious faces you can use for your character.

Profchaos951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Funny you say that most of these giant companies were really just Indies that stumbled onto a great idea.

Rockstar took gta3 to E3 and almost no one cared it didn't get them any attention until it actually released.

So really any indie studio can be the next big thing but it's hard for huge studios to keep momentum over time think how Ubisoft and EA because their investors want sequels of proven IP's which stiffles innovation.

GameZenith951d ago

Rockstar went to E3? I thought they was beneath them.

Absonite951d ago

I remember when GTA 3(D) was announced, I was hyped. I had the first 2 on PS1 and when I heard there was going to be a 3D edition, I was surprised. Stl hoping for a 3D Hotline Miami!!

EazyC951d ago

Seeing as new titles are taking 5 years+ to push out at this be honest, R*'s games are so good I'd happily see most of their catalogue get remasters. This could be a nice gauge to prove to them that we still want a new Midnight Club, Bully etc.

Also, I would love to play GTA IV again. I f always adored it but I find that people appreciate it a lot more nowadays.

Tra-D214951d ago

Dreaming of a new Midnight Club for current and new gen

BlaqMagiq1950d ago

They could remaster Midnight Club 3 and Los Angeles and I would be satisfied.

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A History of PlayStation's Portable Consoles

Always ambitious, Sony has released several portable consoles that are worth analyzing due to their impact on gaming. Although all eyes are on the recently released PlayStation 5, Sony has also had an interesting history in the portable market. Despite facing stiff competition from the handheld gaming giant Nintendo, Sony managed to create a cult following during its short stint in the portable gaming world.

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Ulf1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

History of two consoles? Serious? If this author actually knew some details, I suppose the article might be interesting..

Heck, I, a mere rando, can give interesting details that this article author completely missed.

For example, did you know the PSP Go could save a game's runtime memory state to it's flash drive, and thus could pause it literally forever? (well, as long as the drive lasts, anyway)

Or that the PSP-1000, 2000, and 3000 had different LCD screens (the 2000 was the best)?

Or how about this one -- the PS Vita *dev kits* had HDMI outputs, but the retail devices didn't. The PS Vita could have been the Nintendo Switch... if only Sony had chosen to be smart, instead if cheap.

Seriously, this article is garbage. Mostly it talks about Nintendo consoles.