Big News From Criterion Games?

GrE writes, "Criterion Games has announced that there will be BIG news later this morning. A tweet from @CriterionGames (the official Twitter account for Criterion Games) had this to say;

Big news at 4pm GMT today! Make sure you check out at 4pm! [Noon EST, 9am PST]"

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Neco5123437d ago

Has to be more dlc for Burnout Paradise, but why would Criterion be calling this BIG news?

CrAppleton3437d ago

Sounds to me like something else is up.. I wouldn't think that they would be saying BIG news if it were just more DLC.. no?

Neco5123437d ago

Could be that new island, maybe we'll get it this weekend? There's a letter on their website talking about how Auntie is on holiday.. ??

SL1M DADDY3437d ago

Hope not. Not that the game is not awesome but heck, I want to see BLACK 2 get an announcement!

HackMaxx3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

@Neco512 It will indeed at least mention the Island the news tab on says as such, The site has been updated going with a profile page for players on Criterion Network.

Hellsvacancy3437d ago

I luv 2 c a next gen Black

InFAMOUS13437d ago

I would LOVE for it to be BLACK 2.. oh man oh man. Although I doubt it. To announce a game like that, I think they would do it at an event like E3 or something... WHO KNOWS!?!?! heres to wishin

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Neco5123437d ago

I wonder if it could be a whole new game?

CrAppleton3437d ago

Maybe.. but they've been putting so much effort into BP that it would seem they don't have time to work on something else..

VasiliasNtaHs3437d ago

I wish that EA's BIG studio was around to give us a new Ssx game

peeps3437d ago

yeh i loved ssx. was a great little game, it went a big downhill in recent times though imo but the first was certainly 1 of my fav games from the ps2 (was multiplat tho if i remember rightly + it is EA after all :p_

Daz3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Black 2, thats big news to me ;p

Defectiv3_Detectiv33437d ago

Yeah, Black was priceless, a sequel would be much welcomed.

They got a lot out of the old consoles w/ the first black, the new one will probably set a standard.

peeps3437d ago

that would be great. If i remember rightly the original came out at a time when there were lots of other games out and it got overlooked. Even though i bought it myself i probably didn't play it as much as i should have. Would be good to see what they can do with the current hardware available to them!

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The story is too old to be commented.