Heavy Rain - new screens

Take a look at these new screen grabs from Quantic Dreams' PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

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Green Lantern23533d ago

WTF happen to the graphics this game look like an early ps3 game.

GiantFriendlyCrab3533d ago

this from an early alpha build, this game is coming in 2010. That video you watched last year was a showcase for what ps3 can do.

NMC20073533d ago

Well let's hope they make the PS3 do it, because it's obviously not doing it here.

Man_of_the_year3533d ago

QTE's do not show what the PS3 can do. Games like Dragons lair used QTE's several generations ago...QTE's can be done on any platform...It is not a game that can define what a console can and cannot do. I will take Dragons Lair cartoon animation over any other kind of of QTE game that mainly focuses on QTE's.

heyheyhey3533d ago

QTE's are only one part of what Heavy Rain is about..

Man_of_the_year3533d ago

QTE's may only be 1 part of the game...but they are the majority of the game since it is the most interaction with the game the gamer will be doing. The rest is story.

TheBand1t3533d ago

So you've played the game, Man of the year?

ViceKingz3533d ago

It's a nice change from all the running and gunning nowadays, wouldn't you say?

Man_of_the_year3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I agree. I am actually very interrested in the game. Mostly the story. And i like how your decisions will have an impact on the overall gameplay and experience.

@TheBand1t - With all the recently released info about the i really need to play it to understand the mechanics? It is all pretty much explained to you from the 1up articles. So give your head a shake would ya. Going by your rational i shouldn't get excited about it or any other game if i haven't played it yet.

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KionicWarlord2223533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

WOW...looks like a movie.


I like the pic on the car.

Nambassa3533d ago

yea i hope you get to drive the cars. if any of u hav watched the new footage from gttv don't u think it looks a little TOO much like a movie? u barely ever got to move around urself. only when walking up to the black guy. then the rest of it was one huge qte sequence. i hope the whole game isn't like this...
i gotta say though, the graphics are amazing!

Ellessdee3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

well thats just a clip, who knows how much real movement is in the final game. they said there would be a lot of investigating, so your gonna be walking around locations and looking for clues and figuring out secrets. this game isn't focused much on real "gameplay" per say, at least not by modern standards, but more of just telling an interactive narrative. its a suspense thriller, not an action thriller.

anyways, i gotta say i find that main female character to be extremely attractive. now they're saying there will be sex scenes? hopefully shes in one, they're already showing her dancing in skimpy pantys in those clips :D cant wait to see that hahahahahah. (im so pathetic)

360 man3533d ago

looks very average.

if this is supposed to take on alan wake, youve gotta be kidding me

Panthers3533d ago

Wow 360 Man, no one said it was supposed to take on any game. It is simply supposed to entertain. But you wouldnt know because your too busy worrying about sales.

OmarJA3533d ago

does Alan Wake even exists ?

ultimolu3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Get a life 360Man and stop trolling this article. There are people who actually care about games here.

Nobody mentioned Alan Wake at all and you had to be off topic as usual.

WhittO3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

No, Heavy Rain isnt supposed to take on Alan Wake... Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Rachet & Clank ACIT, Trico, inFAMOUS, MAG along with the rest of the incredible upcoming PS3 games, as well as Heavy Rain... are meant to take on Alan Wake (in which we have barely seen ANYTHING and what we have seen has not been for the 360 but for PC!)

Also, this looks like its JUST my type of game, its a "Heavy" story game which are my favourites.

Love the idea of playing through this story with 4 different characters which each have their own paths - which cross some time in the game. Also like the idea of when you die, the story changes and adapts to your actions and play through the rest of it as another character.

Even if this game was like 5 hours, the replay value would be triple (or should i say quadruple) that.

SevWolf3533d ago

wow man everysingle comment Ive read for u on any game has been positive or u bring up a good point...have a bubble for being a TRUE GAMER
@ 360 man
wow everysingle comment Ive read for u has been a bullsh*t comment ure started to become worse that agent r*tard(vx)...lose a bubble for being a COMPLETE FAIL OF A GAMER

Microsoft Xbox 3603533d ago

I can confidently say Alan Wake is vaporware.

360 man3533d ago

@ sevwolf

i call BS on ur claims

apart from expressing my feelings on heavy rain

wen on earth have u seen me troll and talk crap recently?

ur just a little boy chattin sheet

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Myst3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Is that Fox mulder?

Anyway waiting for this game.

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