Rumor:Capcom's E3 Reveal Possibly Another Wii Project writes"...News has also trickled down regarding Cacpom's interest in considering Wii ports as seen with the grotesque effort of Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop a technically watershed version of the Xbox 360 game. This unannounced title could be be in line with using established Capcom I.P.'s and releasing games that are suited to the Wii's hardware..."

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qface644068d ago

keep em coming capcom keep em coming =]

monster hunter 3 alone is making me like capcom allot
so just keep bringing em out but if its a port a bad one then please keep it to yourself

Nice4068d ago

Capcom's SF IV ruled although I was a bit disappointed with RE5...

FinalomegaS4068d ago

I don't mind HD games but i am just interested in this new capcom direction. Imagine other companies tried this and once in a while made a game exclusive for the wii.

Nice4067d ago

the Wii does have potential, if only more devs would start making decent games that are not for once so casual oriented the hardcore base for the console would actually grow...